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Enterprise Level Addons

Professional addons for both Construct 3 & Construct 2.

It is an enterprise-level dedicated addon package mainly created to extend Construct with features you can't get with just the built-in Construct addons.

It is well documented with flexible implementations that extend to various fields in game development. Including multiplayer, movement, logic, performance, server integration, artificial intelligence, mobile, etc.



• Hundreds of enterprise-level addons.

• Continuous maintenance, upgrade and additions.

• Back-end server implementation for online games,

   especially for massively multiplayer online role-playing         games.

• PlayFab and Photon integration with web hooks.

• Native mobile features for your Android and iOS games,     like notifications, social network integration, hotspot             multiplayer, etc.

• Web or browser based game features.

• Unique and multi-purpose game features.

• Construct 3 with all runtimes, and Construct 2.

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YX Game Lab
September 26, 2019

“In less than 30 minutes, I managed to create what a MMO can look like at its beginning.
5/5 but I have to develop the whole rest of the MMO now.”
- Itch.io



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