Mobile Vungle Ads

The Mobile Vungle Ads is an ad-network mediation addon for the Mobile Master Ads addon.


It integrates the native mobile Vungle Ads mediation adapter with the native mobile Admob Ads SDK.

The best benefit for this addon is that it supports all editors and runtimes of Construct. Both, Construct 2 and Construct 3.

This will extend the Admob Ads of the Mobile Master Ads to support Vungle Ads mediation.

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Mobile Master Ads

The Mobile Master Ads is the main addon that has built-in Admob Ads and connects the ad-mediation networks with Google Admob.

This is a dependency addon for the Mobile Vungle Ads.

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1. The first step is to add the Mobile Vungle Ads addon into the project.


Credentials - The Vungle ad mediation input credentials configuration.

  • Reward Video ID - The Reward Video ID provided by the Vungle Mediation Console.

  • Interstitial ID - The Interstitial ID provided by the Vungle Mediation Console.

Game Project

Sample Setup Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

Construct 2 Project
Construct 2 Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project



  • Instructions - The sample project has comments and instructions on how to use the addon and its features.

  • A.C.E. Coverage - It covers the implementation of each action, condition and expression.

  • Tips and Tricks - It provides some tips and tricks to a better use of the addon and of the event-sheet system alongside it.