Introduction to Mobile

The Mobile Master Collection is an addon collection that provides native mobile features for Construct 3 and Construct 2 game application projects.

Features include native android and ios features for mobile, like dialogs, notifications, badges, toasts, power management, game performance boost, screen management, mobile device information, browser control, webview control, and redirect system browser controls, mobile ratings and reviews, and background services and tasks, etc.

It also has native mobile android and ios services like facebook, google accounts, google signin, push notifications, local notifications, rich media notifications, native messaging and emails, dedicated push and local notification badges, etc.

It's a full-packed solution to implement native mobile features to game applications.

Mobile 1
Mobile 1

Mobile 2
Mobile 2

Mobile 1
Mobile 1


The addons in the collection contain a feature called debug mode, this allows the application to log errors and sometimes the processes of the addon.

Although, unlike normal browsers where you can simply view the logs from the [F12] Chrome Developer Tools : Console or the Safari Web Inspector.

Here are the tutorials:

To debug android applications, you need a debug .apk built, not a release .apk.

USB Debugging must also be checked and you need to connect both ends of your USB Cable to your mobile device and computer.

For more information, visit a forum instruction post or this article.

To debug ios applications, you need to register for an Apple Developer Account, which at the time of this writing, costs at least around $99.00.

Although, the latest XCode now supports debugging without a paid developer account.

Additional requirements include:

  • Testing iOS device and a MacOS device

    • These​ are a necessity to create the credentials, for application build and testing. And afterwards, completing the requirements for publishing.

  • Certificate (p12) and Provisioning Profile

    • These need to be configured to be able to build the ios application for testing.

    • Latest XCode does not require this anymore.

For more information about testing ios applications, visit this article.

Mobile Facebook Properties.png

The Mobile Master Collection uses native mobile features​, which means it needs to be built before use or debugging. Learn how to debug android applications and ios applications.

Mobile Built-in Debugger


Construct 2 - PhoneGap CLI Version

C2 Cordova CLI Version.png

If you are PhoneGap to build your projects.
Make sure you are using the latest
PhoneGap CLI version.

As of April 04, 2020, the latest version is the cli-9.0.0.

<preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-9.0.0" />

Copy the following code:

If you are using Construct 2, include this in your config.xml. If you are using Construct 3, replace the tag.


Construct 2 is using the default while Construct 3 is using a slightly newer but still an old phonegap-cli-version

Use the latest one, it lightens the build size, improves performance and applies the newly fixed Cordova bugs and issues. This will solve some build errors and issues with new plugins.

Android 64K Method Limit

Android applications have a default limit of  65,536 or 64K methods. This happens when an application has a sum of libraries that exceeded the method count  limit, this causes a build failure that indicates that the application has reached the limit of the Android build architecture.

An application can move past this limitation by enabling the app configuration called multidex, which allows the application to build and read DEX files.

For more information about the technicalities, click here

The Mobile Master Collection has an addon that enables the multidex, called the Mobile Multidex. This will allow Construct 3 and Construct 2 mobile applications to overcome the limit, hence avoiding the build error.

There are some situations the usual documentation of each addon doesn't cover. This section will cover some tips to some common situations.

Mobile Tips

Mobile Master Ads.png

Mobile Google Ads

The Mobile Admob Collection addon implements native mobile Google Admob ads with complete support of ad-network mediation.
It is also included in the Mobile Master Collection.

Check it out to learn more.

Mobile Application Build

The Mobile Master Collection uses native mobile features​, which means it needs to be built before even testing. For more information on how to build using Construct 3, click here. And for Construct 2, click here.

Mobile Facebook Properties.png
Project Properties.png

It's important in mobile development that all properties for all mobile addons are filled. Otherwise, build errors would happen.

For example, as shown from the first (1st) image, the Mobile Facebook requires mobile Facebook Credentials, which are the App ID, App Name and the SDK Version.

The SDK Version is by default "5.0.0", so you can leave that be. But the App ID and the App Name needs to be filled with the correct value from Facebook Console.

It's the same case for the project properties, where the Name, Version, Description and especially the ID needs to be filled up properly.



Mobile Master Collection v2.png

1. The first step is to add the Mobile Master addon into the project.

2. The Mobile Master Collection is a collection of native mobile feature implementations packed into both Construct 3 and Construct 2.

Each addon is full packed, containing almost all, if not all the features of that native technology or native mobile service.

Even though each addon is well packed with features, it's still designed to be easy to use, hence the helper features I've added into each addon to make things easier. 
Although, that still adds more actions, conditions and expressions.

Each addon is well maintained and updated immediately, but if an addon is outdated, please contact us or use the self service feature.

The Mobile Master Collection has the following addons:

  • Mobile Master IAP - The mobile addon that implements native mobile in-app-purchases for both Android and iOS with subscriptions, transaction records and server credentials.

  • Mobile Browser - The mobile addon that implements management, control and creation of internal, in-application and external browsers.

  • Mobile Facebook - The mobile addon that implements full native mobile Facebook integration features including analytics, graph api and native mobile features like send, share, app requests and profiles.

  • Google SignIn - The mobile addon that implements full native Google authentication and integration features, useful for retrieving profile information and server implementation credentials.

  • Mobile Info - The mobile addon that retrieves the information of a mobile device.

  • Mobile Review - The mobile addon that allows users to leave a rating or review of the application.

  • Mobile Sleep - The mobile addon that allows the control and management of power and screen settings. It also significantly improves performance by removing the Cordova limitation of game applications not being detected as games by built-in device power management tools, which this addon solves.

  • Mobile Toast - The mobile addon that implements native mobile toast notification dialogs.

  • Mobile Dialog - The mobile addon that implements native mobile custom dialogs.

  • Mobile Badge - The mobile addon that implements native mobile badge notifications.

  • Mobile Notifications - The mobile addon that implements native mobile local and push notifications.

  • Mobile Build Master - The mobile addon that sometimes fixes build errors caused by Android Support library conflicts.

  • Mobile Multidex - The mobile addon that allows Android app projects to have more than 64K methods. Hence, solving android build error caused by exceeding the method limit. 

  • Mobile Background - The mobile addon that implements background features for the application.

  • Mobile Notch - The mobile addon that implements detection of notches on both Android & iOS and measurement of mobile device notches or cutouts on Android.

  • Mobile Apple - The mobile addon that implements the Apple Sign-in authentication, which is a requirement by Apple for all types of services with authentication.

  • Mobile Enhance - The mobile addon that ported the Enhance SDK to c3runtime.

  • Mobile OneSignal - The mobile addon that implements push notifications and in-app messages into your mobile application for both Android and iOS, using the popular OneSignal SDK and service.

  • Mobile Network - The mobile addon allows the collection of native mobile network information on both Android and iOS.

  • Mobile AppsFlyer - The mobile addon that implements mobile attribution for both Android and iOS.

  • Firebase Analytics - The mobile addon that implements mobile firebase analytics for both Android and iOS.

  • Firebase Remote Config - The mobile addon that implements firebase remote config for Android.
    It achieves that through fetching, activating and retrieving Firebase Cloud Config data into your application.

Mobile 2
Mobile 2

Mobile 1
Mobile 1

Mobile 2
Mobile 2


Mobile IronSource 

The Mobile IronSource Collection implements the popular mobile IronSource ads with complete support of all ad-network mediation.

It is a separate extension of the Mobile Master Collection.

Check it out to learn more.