Mobile Multidex

The Mobile Multidex add​on a​llows the Android application to move past the 64K methods limit.

When an Android application and libraries it references exceed 65,536 methods, it will encounter a build error that indicates that the application has reached the limit of the Android build architecture.

This usually happens when more Mobile addons are installed in an application on Android.

This feature allows the application to move past this limitation by enabling an app configuration known as multidex, which allows the application to build and read multiple DEX files.

It's designed to overcome the Android application's limit of 64K methods.


Step 1.png

1. The first step is to add the Mobile Multidex addon into the project.

This is a feature that overcomes the build error caused by reaching the 64K method limit on Android builds.


Game Project

Sample Setup Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

Construct 2 Project
Construct 2 Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project



  • Instructions - The sample project has comments and instructions on how to use the addon and its features.

  • A.C.E. Coverage - It covers the implementation of each action, condition and expression.

  • Tips and Tricks - It provides some tips and tricks to a better use of the addon and of the event-sheet system alongside it.