Mobile Network

The Mobile Network add​on allows the collection of native mobile network information on both Android and iOS.

It is accurate and precise in detecting network connectivity and its type.

The best benefit for this plugin is that it is a dedicated Construct 3 Editor implementation, optimized for c3runtime.

The addon implements the accurate and precise retrieval of a mobile device's network information, with both Android and iOS support.

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Feature Showcase

The Mobile Network has a sample project and a sample application below you can try.

For mobile devices, it is recommended to replace the Browser object with the Mobile Browser, and  this Mobile Network addon for accurate and precise retrieval of mobile network information, due to this old Web API bug that is long unfixed.

For more information, click here and here.

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Actions, Conditions & Expressions


General :

  • On Offline - Trigger fires when a previously connected device loses a network connection so that an application can no longer access the Internet.

  • On Online - Trigger fires when a previously unconnected device receives a network connection to allow an application access to the Internet.


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Tools :

  • Is Online - Check if the application has internet connection.


Connection :

  • Is Connection Type - A fast way to determine the device's network connection state, and type of connection.

    • Type - Either 'Unknown', 'Ethernet', 'WiFi', 'Cell 2G', 'Cell 3G', 'Cell 4G', 'Cell Generic' or 'No connection'.

      • UNKNOWN - ​Unknown connection.

      • ETHERNET - Ethernet connection.

      • WIFI - WiFi connection.

      • CELL 2G - Cell 2G connection.

      • CELL 3G - Cell 3G connection.

      • CELL 4G - Cell 4G connection.

      • CELL - Cell generic connection.

      • NONE - No network connection.



1. The first step is to add the Mobile Network addon into the project.



The Mobile Network is an addon that allows the precise collection of native mobile network information on both Android and iOS.

Due to the old Webview bug, the use of the Web API for checking if the application is online is inconsistent, hence makes the Browser object from both Construct 3 and Construct 2 to have inconsistency issues, as well as inaccuracy in its provided information.

The Mobile Network addon prevents that issue by using native mobile features to retrieve network information.

Features :

  • Full native Android support.

  • Full native iOS support.

  • Network connection feature.
    Is Online or Is Offline.

  • Easy to use and no programming required.

  • Well-supported and fully tested.

  • Connectivity Type information retrieval.

  • Connection listeners, immediately notifies if the connection has been lost or if established.

  • Construct 3 editor support.

  • Construct 3 runtime.

  • Dedicated c3runtime optimization.

  • C3 Build Service, PhoneGap.

  • Cordova CLI & Android Studio.


Game Project

Sample Setup Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

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Construct 2 Project
Construct 2 Project

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Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

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  • Instructions - The sample project has comments and instructions on how to use the addon and its features.

  • A.C.E. Coverage - It covers the implementation of each action, condition and expression.

  • Tips and Tricks - It provides some tips and tricks to a better use of the addon and of the event-sheet system alongside it.