Mobile Notch

The Mobile Notch add​on implements notch control and detection features for your mobile application on both Android and iOS.

It detects notches or cutouts in your mobile device for both Android and iOS, so you can make adjustments.

On Android, it can also measure the notch in pixels, on all four edges of the device. All top, bottom, right and left edges.

The addon implements notch control and detection for mobile devices, with both Android and iOS support.

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1. The first step is to add the Mobile Notch addon into the project.

2. Enable debug mode to log errors in the console. This is useful for mobile debugging.

3. The Mobile Notch has 2 modes.
One is the Basic mode, this allows to check if both an Android device or iOS device has a cutout. Although, it can't measure the cutout size.

Another is the Android Advanced, it can detect if there is a notch or a cutout in the mobile device and also measure the cutout size, in pixels. But, this is only for Android.

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4. The 2 modes make the Mobile Notch complete. 
If you plan to only detect if the device has a notch, you can use the Basic mode, where you can use it for both Android and iOS.

But if you also plan to measure the notch size, you can use the Android Advanced.
The reason you can only use Android Advanced on Android is because iOS devices have a predefined notch size, so you can already plan ahead, and you would only need to detect if the iOS device has a notch.

Basically, if you only plan to detect the notch.

  • Basic Mode

If you plan to detect the notch and measure.

  • Android

    • Android Advanced​

  • iOS​

    • Basic Mode​ - then use the predefined iOS notch size to apply the customized adjustments.



The Mobile Notch is an addon that allows the detection and measurement of screen notches if there's one on a mobile device, either Android or iOS. This is a useful addon to plan and adjust the game according to the position and size of the notch, which is commonly done for scaling the user-interface, esp. the controls.

Features :

  • Full native modern Android support.

  • Full native modern iOS support.

  • Notch detection.

  • Measure notch size in pixels.

  • Easy to use and no programming required.

  • Well-supported and fully tested.

  • Offset-Top size in pixels.

  • Offset-Bottom size in pixels.

  • Offset-Right size in pixels.

  • Offset-Left size in pixels.

  • Auto-adjust on screen orientation change.

  • Construct 3 editor support.

  • Construct 3 runtime.

  • Dedicated c3runtime optimization.

  • C3 Build Service, PhoneGap.

  • Cordova CLI & Android Studio.



General :

  • Has Notch - Checks if the device has a notch, for both Android and iOS.


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Actions, Conditions & Expressions



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Android Advanced :

  • OffsetTop - Returns the top notch size, in pixels.


  • OffsetBottom - Returns the bottom notch size, in pixels.

  • OffsetRight - Returns the right notch size, in pixels.

  • OffsetLeft - Returns the left notch size, in pixels.


Properties - Full.png

Configuration - The configuration section for the mobile notch.

  • Debug Mode - If toggled enabled, it will log errors on the Developer Tools : Console.

  • Mode - If basic, it will detect notches for both android and ios. If advanced, it will detect notches for android and its offset in pixels.

    • Basic

    • Android Advanced


Feature Showcase

The Mobile Notch is an addon has 2 modes, the basic mode and the android advanced mode. You can look up the instructions, for more information.

It can measure the notch size from all four (4) edges and can adapt accordingly to the screen orientation.

It also supports both Android and iOS. For more information, you can look up the features section.

The Mobile Notch is easy to use, with just a few detection and measurement events, you can make your mobile application adapt to the screen notch, making the gameplay smooth for the players.

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Easily check if the mobile device has a notch on both Android and iOS.

This is useful for making customized adjustments for the application.

On Android devices, you can retrieve the notch size in pixels.
This isn't needed on iOS since the notch size is predefined.


Game Project

Sample Setup Project

Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

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Construct 2 Project
Construct 2 Project

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Construct 3 Project
Construct 3 Project

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  • Instructions - The sample project has comments and instructions on how to use the addon and its features.

  • A.C.E. Coverage - It covers the implementation of each action, condition and expression.

  • Tips and Tricks - It provides some tips and tricks to a better use of the addon and of the event-sheet system alongside it.