Introduction to Web

The Web Master Collection is an addon collection that provides implementation of web features for Construct 3 game application projects.

It's a planned collection for future web development purposes, but for now, it will just be for authentication purposes for the PlayFab Master Collection.

It is easy to use, made specifically designed for Construct 3 with c3runtime.

It will someday be used to implement web features, web services and web advertisement with ad-network mediation.

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1. The first step is to add the Web Master addon into the project.

2. The Web Master Collection is a collection of web feature implementation for Construct 3 projects using the c3runtime.

Currently, it's still just for the authentication of the PlayFab Master Collection
Although, it's planned to be used for more extensive web features for web game development, including web services, web in-app-purchases, web advertisements with ad-network mediation.

There's not much of it yet, so it's a free collection in the PlayFab Master Collection. You can take a look at the progress of this collection on the GitHub Tracker.

The Web Master Collection has the following addons:

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