Self Service

This is a documentation on how update the libraries used by the addons yourself.

So that you do not have to wait for the developer's next release to be able to update the features.


Useful if you need an urgent update for your application.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact support.

PlayFab  Master Collection

  • PlayFab SDK Version - the current version is 1.59.200121.

    • Check if the version here, plea​se contact us if there is a major update.


Mobile Whitelisting

The goal here is to update the Construct 3 Build Service version with the public plugin library version. To do that, compare the versions provided below with the versions here.

If the version provided below is higher than the one above, then you can request directly to the Construct Team to update the plugin version.

To request for an update, click here, then make a request issue to update the plugin with the new version found below.

For example, click here.
Name the title starting with Whitelist Request,
then the message: chadori-mobile-ironsource@1.0.0.

Let us also be polite when asking whitelisting requests to the Construct Team. Thank you.

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