The Engine addon extends the game engine with features that are used on ChadoriXD's projects.

It's a dedicated addon for enhancing the game engine, it's designed to be always updated according to the developer's needed features and it has no specific target feature, so it won't be documented the usual way as the other addons in the collection.

This addon is included, just mainly to share the tools the developer use with his projects.

The best benefit for this plugin is that it is a sole Construct 3 Editor and c3runtime implementation, dedicated for optimization and performance with the c3runtime with ES6 API features.

The addon implements enhancement features for the Construct 3 game engine's c3runtime.



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1. The first step is to add the Engine addon into the project.

Actions, Conditions & Expressions



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Tools :

  • Map - Remaps a value from one range to another.

    • Value - The value to scale to another range.​

    • From Low - The original scale's minimum range.

    • From High - The original scale's maximum range.

    • To Low - The new scale's minimum range.

    • To High - The new scale's maximum range.

Math :

  • AngleToRad - Returns the radians value of an angle, from a degree angle.

    • Degrees - The angle in degrees.

  • RadToAngle - Returns the degree value of an angle, from an angle radian.

    • Radians - The angle in radians.


The Engine is an addon that enhances the Construct 3 game engine's c3runtime with features that are dedicated for ChadoriXD's projects.
It's mainly included just to share the tools the developer use in his projects. Although, since it's designed to be constantly updated and unspecific to a single feature goal, it isn't documented the usual way.

All project samples are only available on the release package and features are listed through the ACEs, which are listed by text, with no updated actual image presentation, for practical reasons.

Features :

  • Construct 3 runtime System enhancements.

  • Update-based release of new feature project sample.

  • Developer project tools included.

  • Easy to use and no programming required.

  • Well-supported and fully tested.

  • Construct 3 editor support.

  • Construct 3 runtime.

  • Dedicated c3runtime design implementation.

  • Runtime maintenance support.