Introduction to Game

The Game Master Collection is an addon collection that provides extensive engine features for both Construct 3 and Construct 2 game application projects.

Features include object-instance based functions, advanced bounded drag and drag, easy artificial intelligence for object instances, promise-based functions for asynchronous processes, graphics quality setting features with manual and automated features where it can scale the graphics quality to the device specification and improve performance, object based global variables and JS Set implementation.

It is easy to use, made specifically designed for Construct 3 and Construct 2.

With these features, the engine can be extended to implement advanced game-based features efficiently and optimally.

Game Master - v2.png


Game Master Collection.png

1. The first step is to add the Game Master addon into the project.

2. The Game Master Collection is a collection of engine extension feature implementations packed into both Construct 3 and Construct 2.

Each addon is designed to solve a hard to do feature in the engine or a limitation with the engine.

Features here are designed to make an implementation easier for game development, less events, efficient and optimal. Hence, improving performance by efficient processing and less event layers and event count. It also solves the limitations of the engine, by implementing them through addons, which would be impossible or at least inefficient using just the built-in layout and events.

Game Master - v2.png

The Game Master Collection has the following addons:

  • Bounded Drag & Drop - An advanced version of the Drag and drop behavior. This drags and drops objects either by mouse or touch with advanced bounding features.

  • Self Function - An object instance based function, this will apply function features dedicated to each instances, useful for instance related functions, not having to use the built-in Function to pass ids anymore, lessening event layers and event count, improving performance. It also makes it possible to do dynamic instance features.

  • AI Behavior - An object instance based artificial intelligence behavior to implement player-level decision making, useful for making player bots for game applications. [Note : To be replaced with the new AI.]

  • Process - An addon that implements asynchronous processes with tasks using promise-based features. Useful for extending features like the Memory Management to add custom loading into the mix.

  • Clock - The Clock addon extends the game application to implement date and clock features, with reward system, timer and last active features. It implements general clock features, easy rewards and daily rewards system, last active features to get the last active session datetime data of the application since it was last closed and global clock timer features. And, it supports high precision time sync with the local device time, or server time like PlayFab's.

  • GFX - An addon that implements graphics quality settings for games, either manually, automatically or both. It can scale the graphics quality automatically using the device specification.
    It can improve performance of the game application by reducing quality for significant performance gain for non-high end devices. In
    High Quality mode, it can reduce quality with no noticeable quality loss but significantly improves performance. 

  • AI - An object instance based artificial intelligence behavior to implement player-level decision making, useful for making player bots for game applications.
    Designed with simplicity and high-end custom decision making algorithm while also using other fast algorithms for processing, hence blazing fast player-like artificial intelligence for games bots and other applications.

  • Global - An object based global variable implementation with persistent data features which allows data to persist even after closing the application, it includes flexible tools for freedom in management of global variables.

  • Set - An addon that implements the JS Set API. It implements an array-like feature with no repeating elements. It is a great way to loop through a list of values efficiently with no duplication.

  • Engine - An addon that extends the game engine with features that are used on ChadoriXD's projects.

  • Tick - An addon that allows the game engine to run an event in an interval greater than a tick, efficiently.
    Effectively slowing down computation and reducing redundant calculations, hence significantly improving game performance.