The Tick addon allows the game engine to run an event in an interval greater than a tick,


Effectively slowing down computation and reducing redundant calculations, hence significantly improving game performance.

This feature is a community effort which I've just wrapped into an addon. To get to know who thought of the idea, visit the Construct Community.

The best benefit for this plugin is that it is a sole Construct 3 Editor and c3runtime implementation, dedicated for optimization and performance with the c3runtime with ES6 API features.

The addon implements a customized Every (x) Ticks condition on  the Construct 3 game engine's c3runtime.



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1. The first step is to add the Tick addon into the project.

Actions, Conditions & Expressions



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  • Every X Ticks - Runs the event only on a specified tick interval.

    • Ticks - The tick interval to run the event, starts with at least 1 tick.​


The Tick is an addon that allows the game engine to run events at a higher interval than a single tick, efficiently, hence significantly improving performance.

This is due to reducing redundant processing compared to running events every tick, even when unnecessary. 
The Tick addon has the condition Every (X) Tick, that effectively allows you to specify the interval of ticks you want a specific event to run.
This is an ideal feature for every game application project using Construct 3.

Features :

  • Run events at your own specified tick interval.

  • Reduce processing if a task is unnecessary to run every tick, significantly improving performance by removing redundant processing.

  • Easy to use and no programming required.

  • Well-supported and fully tested.

  • Construct 3 editor support.

  • Construct 3 runtime.

  • Dedicated c3runtime design implementation.

  • Runtime maintenance support.


Feature Showcase

The Tick is an addon that basically allows you to set your tick interval rather than always using Every Tick, being able to control the rate it processes can save performance resources. ( Every (X) Tick )