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Account Info

The Account Info plugin is specifically designed to manage and retrieve account information of players from the PlayFab servers and integrated social, for games built using Construct 3 and Construct 2.

Interconnected with major platforms including Google Play, Game Center, Apple Login, Instant Games, Facebook, Facebook Instant Games, Steam, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and of course PlayFab's own account system allows you to access, gather and utilize the data and information of your players' account.

The data available includes account profiles, profile information, ids, emails, status, etc., including from connected social networks.

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The Construct Master Collection supports the full and easy integration of the PlayFab service for both Construct 3 and Construct 2.

Please click here to learn more about PlayFab.


Here are some of the features of the PlayFab service:

  • Get user account information.

  • Get user's social network account information.

  • Get email, playfab id, display name and username.

  • Account sync information

  • Profile information

  • Organized request and receive features.

For more information about all the integrated PlayFab service features, please click here to learn the introductory lessons to PlayFab.

Network Services

Here are some of the platform services that can be linked:

  • PlayFab

  • Google Play

  • Game Center

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Instant Games

  • Steam

  • Xbox Live

  • Instant Games (Android Studio port)

  • Nintendo Switch (3rd party porting services)

  • PS4 (3rd party porting services)

  • Nintendo Switch (3rd party porting services)

Editor Features

Here are some of the features in the Construct editor:

  • All platforms support, including web, mobile and desktop.

  • Construct 3

  • Construct 2


How to use?

It is easy to use the Account Info plugin, you will only need to follow the steps below.

  1. Set up the PlayFab API plugin, please click to visit the documentation. This includes creating a PlayFab account, studio and title.

  2. Set up the Authentication plugin, please click to visit the documentation.

  3. Finally, you can now use the Account Info object, and include more PlayFab addons for more features.



There is currently nothing to show, we will add more in the future.

Related Plugins

  • Account Manager - is a plugin that manages the player's user account and information. If the Account Info plugin retrieves a player's user account information, the Account Manager manages the player accounts instead, which includes changing information and making user account requests.


Actions, Conditions & Expressions


The following action groups:

  • Account Profile

Account Profile

  • Get Account Info - Retrieves the user's PlayFab account details.

    • Key - ​The "Key" or "User Data Name" to retrieve.

    • Key Method - ​Choose a key available for getting the Account Information. Depending on the chosen item, it will be the "Key" to the request.

      • Email Address​

      • PlayFabID

      • Display Name

      • Username

    • Tag - A string to differentiate requests.​

  • Get Self Account Info - Retrieves the current user's PlayFab account details.

    • Tag - A string to differentiate requests.


The following condition groups:

  • Account Profile

Account Profile​

  • On Get Account Info - Triggers when the Get Account Info Succeeded.

  • On Account Not Found - Triggers when the Get Account Info responded that the Account is not found.

  • On Error - Triggers when the Get Account Info failed with an error.

  • Is Getting Account Info - Condition to check if the Get Player Profile is still loading.


The following expression groups:

  • Account Information

  • Account : Android Device Info

  • Account : Custom ID Info

  • Account : Facebook Info

  • Account : Instant Games Info

  • Account : Game Center Info

  • Account : Google Info

  • Account : iOS Device Info

  • Account : Kongregate Info

  • Account : Private Info

  • Account : Steam Info

  • Account : User Title Info

  • Account : Windows Hello Info

  • Account : Xbox Info

  • Server Response

  • Request

Account Information

  • getCreated - Return the Created Date Time of the Account.

  • getPlayFabID - Return the PlayFab ID of the Account.

  • getUsername - Return the Username of the Account.

Account : Android Device Info

  • getAndroidDeviceID - Return the Android Device ID of the Account if available.

Account : Custom ID Info

  • getCustomID - Return the Custom ID of the Account if available.

Account : Facebook Info

  • getFacebookID - Return the Facebook ID of the Account if available.

  • getFacebookFullName - Return the Facebook Full Name of the Account if available.​

Account : Instant Games Info

  • getInstantGamesID - Return the Facebook Instant Games ID of the Account if available.

Account : Game Center Info