Mobile IronSource Collection

The Mobile IronSource Collection is a set of Construct 3 addons that implements IronSource advertisements with complete ad-network mediation for both Android and iOS.

It provides banner, interstitial, rewarded video and offerwall advertisements from different provider platforms, including Google Admob, Unity Ads, Facebook, etc.

It uses dedicated native libraries written exclusively for Construct 3, ensuring optimal performance and quality in providing mobile application advertisements.

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Ad-Network Configurations

  • Each ad-network can have their own exclusive configurations.
    If you plan to use an ad-network specific  feature, access the individual addon object.



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The Mobile IronSource Collection has the main addon Mobile IronSource, this is the plugin that manages the advertisement features, built-in with the IronSource SDK for IronSource advertisements.

The rest of the addons are adapters to other ad-networks you might want to add in your project.

Adding an ad-network requires you to sign up for an account to their service. 
And you would need to manage that account too.

From Construct 3, that's all that you have to do, no events required. 
Everything is handled from the
Mobile IronSource addon.

Although, some platforms might require some application id and such, from the properties bar.


Mobile IronSource 

The Mobile IronSource addon implements native mobile IronSource ads with complete support of ad-network mediation.
It is the main addon that implements the advertisements and ad-mediation.

Check it out to learn more.

Easy Ad-Network  Mediation

Add & Play

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  • To add an ad-network mediation for the Mobile IronSource, simply insert the addon object into the project.

  • Check if there is a required property input by clicking on the object, in this case, the Admob Ads addon.

  • Fill in the blanks, there will be descriptions to guide you.

Ad-Network List

  • The Mobile IronSource Collection has complete support of all ad-network mediation available in the IronSource SDK for both Android and iOS.

  • For optimal results, it's important to plan which ad-network to add into your project, based on your target audience.

  • You may add all ad-network mediation, but you will have to set up your account for each network.

  • The addons auto-updates your SDK version on every build. If you get build issues, contact us immediately, so we can fix it.

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  • IronSource - the main addon (Mobile IronSource) has built-in support for the IronSource SDK.

  • Google Admob - the mobile advertising network of Google.

  • Facebook Audience Network - the mobile advertising network of the biggest social network, Facebook. It is a subsidiary company of Meta Platforms, Inc.

  • Unity Ads - the mobile advertising network of Unity, and their famous rewarded video ads.

  • AdColony - is one of the leading mobile advertisement network in the world.

  • Amazon - the mobile advertising network of Amazon.

  • AppLovin - is a mobile marketing platform, founded in California.

  • Chartboost - is a San Francisco-based mobile advertising and monetization platform.

  • Fyber - is a global tech company, developing a next-gen monetization platform for mobile publishers.

  • HyprMX - is an ad network based in New York, bringing brand ads to mobile apps.

  • InMobi - is an Indian global provider of enterprise platforms for marketers.

  • Maio - is a Japan-based mobile ad-network platform.

  • MIntegral - is a mobile advertising platform that simplifies the challenges of cross-regional marketing.

  • Tapjoy - is a mobile ad platform that offers a novel way for users to engage in mobile advertising.

  • Vungle - is a mobile ad start-up in London and the US, specializing in localized video advertising.

  • TikTok - also called Pangle Ads, it is the advertising network of the famous app TikTok.

  • Smaato - is a global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers.

  • Snap - also called Snapchat Ads, it is the advertising network of the famous app Snapchat.

  • myTarget - An advertising platform that reaches every user of the Russian-speaking Internet.

  • Tencent - An advertisement platform of a Chinese multinational technology company.

  • SuperAwesome Ads - An advertisement platform for kids digital media ecosystem based in United Kingdom.

  • Yahoo Ads - An advertisement platform of  Verizon, a wireless carrier company based in New York, USA.

Installation Guide

Mobile IronSource - Desktop.png

1. The first step is to add the Mobile IronSource addon into the project.

It contains all the features to implement IronSource ads and supporting ad-network mediation.

2. The next step is to go to the Properties Bar while the Mobile IronSource object is selected. 

3. During development, check the Debug Mode property. This allows the app to log errors on the console, for mobile debugging. 
Don't forget to turn it off when exporting for your production build.

4. Retrieve the application key of your IronSource application and input it into the AppKey property.

5. By default, the other properties are already set up to work for both debugging and production, so no need to modify them.

Only change the other properties if you require feature customization.


6. Add the ad-network addons you would like to add to your ad-mediation.

7. It is as easy as adding the object into the project and setting up an account of that ad-platform.

8. Although, if the addon requires an application id, from the properties bar, do fill it up.

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Features  Guide


1. The Settings section allows you to customize addon specific features. One of it is the Debug Mode, allowing you to log errors during testing.

2. The IronSource section allows you to customize the ad-network mediation features. This includes the application key and initialization.

  • AppKey - the application key from your IronSource application.

  • Initialization - if Automatic, the options from the properties bar will be final, and IronSource will auto-initialize on startup. 
    Manual, IronSource will initialize if called using the Initialize action.

3. The Features section allows you to customize which advertisement types will be activated.

4. The Preferences section allows you to customize the default consent options the application has.

If Initialization is set to Automatic, it is recommended to uncheck Personalized Ads (GDPR) and check Do Not Sell (CCPA), this is to not violate any law.

Although, if Initialization is set to Manual, you can ask for the consent and compliance from the user's input and initialize manually from the plugin action.

You can check the plugin's demo projects for reference.

5. The Rewarded Video Ads section allows you to customize rewarded video advertisements.
The Track Network State property allows you to adjust the video availability according to the network state.
This is helpful, in cases of internet connection loss and such.  It is recommended to check this.

6. The Banner Ads section allows you to customize banner advertisements.

The Banner Overlap property allows you to overlap the banner advertisement on top of the layout or adjust the layout to accommodate the banner advertisement.

If checked, the banner advertisement will be placed on top of the layout, this is the recommended option.

Otherwise, the layout will be adjusted to accommodate the banner advertisement.

Banner Overlap is available for both Android and iOS.
Non-Banner Overlap is only available on Android, if your company needs this feature, please contact us.

7. The Offerwall Ads section allows you to customize offerwall advertisements.

The Receive Clientside Callbacks property allows the application to receive the credits locally. If unchecked, credits will be sent to the specified server from the IronSource Console​.

If you want to implement server-side callbacks, click here for Android or iOS.

User Guide


The Mobile IronSource is versatile, full packed of tools to fit your needs.


There are multiple ways of achieving a proper workflow.

But, in this specific tutorial, the basics will be focused.

The Banner section allows the creation, showing, hiding and destroying of banners. 

The Debugging section allows the validation of integration on both Android Studio and XCode.

This is available when using the debugging addon version.

The General section allows the manual initialization and checking if the specific advertisement type has been capped.

The Interstitial section allows the creation, showing, hiding and destroying of interstitial advertisements.

The Offerwall section allows the showing of offerwall advertisements and client-side claiming of offerwall credits.

The Rewarded Video section allows the checking the function lookup on the availability of advertisements. You can also use the Is Video Available condition for every tick checking.

Setting the Dynamic User ID,  this is important to differentiate rewarded video advertisement requests.
Get Video Placement Info, useful for retrieving each ad placement details.
And Show Rewarded Video, for showing rewarded video advertisements, if available.

The Settings section allows the configuration of the IronSource SDK.

Set Mode must be used before initialization, this allows you to choose which advertisement types are available for the application session, this is preset from the properties bar.

Set Consent allows you to collect the user's input consent to use personalized ads. For more info regarding GDPR, click here for the GDPR SDK, here for IronSource's article and click here for the mediation ad-networks.

Set Compliance allows you to collect the user's input consent to sell personal data. For more info regarding CCPA, click here for the CCPA SDK.

Actions - 1.png
Actions - 2.png
Actions - 3.png
Actions - 4.png

The Settings : Offerwall section allows the configuration of offerwall advertisement settings.
The Set to Receive Offerwall Callbacks, if checked, it will allow triggering of Offerwall Listeners from the client-side, this is used in claiming of offerwall credits from the application. Set unchecked if the IronSource application is using server-side callbacks in receiving offerwall credits. 
For more information on server-side callbacks, click here.

The Settings : Offerwall Server section allows the configuration of offerwall advertisement's client to server settings. This is useful for adding server parameters for offerwall advertisements.

For more information, click here for Android and here for iOS.

The Settings : Rewarded Video section allows the configuration of rewarded video advertisement settings.

The Set Should Track Network State, if checked, will adjust the availability of the rewarded video ads based on the internet connection state. It is recommended to check this.

This is also available from the properties bar.

The Settings : Rewarded Video Server section allows the configuration of rewarded video advertisement's client to server settings. This is useful for adding server parameters for rewarded video advertisements.

For more information, click here for Android and here for iOS.

The Settings : Segment section allows the configuration of user segments. This is important for tailoring served advertisements to fit specific audiences.

For more information, click here for Android and here for iOS.


Important Notes

1. The UserID is not to be confused with the Dynamic UserID.

  • The user id is used to identify each user for offerwall advertisements, and must be set before initialization in manual mode, or in automatic mode.
    It is now automatically retrieved, even without the Google Admob Ads addon.

  • The dynamic user id is used to identify transactions for rewarded video advertisements, this can be set throughout the session.
    server to server callbacks, set this before initialization.

2. The Mobile IronSource Collection included all the features from the IronSource SDK, so if you need technical details of the features, click here for Android and here for iOS.

3. The addons in the Mobile IronSource Collection auto-updates some dependencies on every build, so if there is a technical concern belonging below, please do contact support.

  • C3 Build Service - build failure.

  • New IronSource SDK version.

  • New mediation adapter version.

  • New feature or compliance.

  • New IronSource breaking changes.

4. New IronSource accounts might get an initialization error in its first few hours. Kindly wait for its completion, it usually does not take longer than 24 hours for the IronSource Team to review your account.


Feature Showcase

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