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GitHub Tracker

The Construct Master Collection has its own tracker on GitHub.

It contains the to-do list, feature requests, bug reports, express orders and documentation revision requests.
Please click here if you wish to report a bug, make a feature request, a document revision or an express order.


The Construct Collection has its website to offer learning resources for the collection supporters. It should be enough to cover all the features of the collection. 
But, in case of other inquiries or in-need of guidance, we have other support methods, you might want to try.

The Construct Collection has 4 other ways of offering support. 

  • Discord Community - the collection has many active users on the Discord Server, and the developer constantly checks the community and try to be active in helping out, if there is spare time.

  • Email - you can email the developer directly for inquiries.

  • Website Chat - you can also chat from the website, but a reminder that this isn't realtime. A realtime support option would be through the Discord Community. The purple button on the bottom right

Support Rules - Terms and Agreeement

The Construct Collection offers priority support to the supporters. Although, please be reminded that you should be at your best behavior at all times, however is the case, and the developer will also try to do the same.

The developer offers support and tries to be active as he can, but he's not always available, as any human is. So, if he's offline, unable to help at the time, refuses a request, or anything related to the offered support, he has full rights to refuse to offer support and service.
This is most especially since the documentation should already have covered most of the collection features.

Breaking this agreement will force the developer to revoke the account, without notice or refund. 


The developer wants to help and will always certainly try to help, but it should be done in a well-mannered and professional process, with understandable conditions to be feasible to support, related to the collection.
Let's abide to this agreement and help each other utilize our time well in our game development!


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